18 Brut

The latest collection by the artist is a tribute to the brutalist movement, infused with the power and beauty of natural erosion. What sets this collection apart is the use of fire in the production process, which has created a unique and unforgettable texture on each piece. The rough-hewn surfaces, angular lines, and bold shapes of the furniture are a nod to the architectural movement that inspired them. The result is a collection that is both brutal and beautiful, a testament to the power of nature and the artistry of the designer.


This collection is an ode to the fluid, organic shapes found in the natural world. The hallmark of this collection is its use of smooth, flowing lines and seamless transitions, which create a sense of harmony and unity that is deeply soothing to the eye. Each piece is a testament to Eero's expression of form. This is a collection that celebrates the beauty and elegance of nature, reminding us of the power and grace that can be found in even the simplest of shapes.