Collection: Erosio

This furniture collection is an ode to the fluid, organic shapes found in the natural world. The hallmark of these solid wood dining tables and coffee tables is its use of smooth, flowing lines and seamless transitions, which create a sense of harmony and unity. Each piece is a testament to Eero's expression of form. This is a collection that celebrates the beauty and elegance of nature, reminding us of the power and grace that can be found in even the simplest of shapes.


What's the lead time for crafting custom-made orders?

Our artisanal process ensures the finest quality. While production times vary, we'll keep you informed about the estimated timeframe.

Can I request a custom size for my walnut slab dining table?

We understand that spaces vary, and we're open to creating a bespoke organic modernism piece that perfectly fits your area.

Can you provide care instructions for my solid wood coffee table?

To maintain the allure of your walnut or ash coffee table, avoid direct sunlight and excessive moisture. Regular care will keep it splendid. Don't use any chemicals.